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Compounding Services

In every field of medicine, there are many people who experience problems with the medications they are prescribed. These people don't respond to medications as some are allergic to various ingredients in their medication, some have trouble swallowing capsules or tablets and some drugs are not available commercially in the strength required by patients. This is where Compounding Pharmacy Services meets your requirements. With a written prescription a professional compounding pharmacist can fix these issues for you. These professionals customize a medication to meet specific requirements of patients. St. Anthony Pharmacy offer wide range of compounding services across New York.


Many people avoid regular dental care because of the anxiety and discomfort associated with oral health services. Sometimes your dentist may recommend compounded medications to treat certain conditions. We work together with dentists and their patients to solve these kind of problems using customized medications. we can compound medications in doses and dosage forms that meets each individual’s unique needs.


Compounding pharmacists play a major role in the hospice environment, as caring for the hospice patient generally centers around providing comfort by using pharmaceuticals to relieve and manage symptoms. Personalized, compounded medications may be the best way to deal with these symptoms. We have the knowledge, experience and skill to provide a complete aseptic service. Our goal is to make patient's life as comfortable and painless as possible, regardless of age or illness.

Men’s Health

In Men’s Health it is recognized that men suffer from gradual hormone decline, prostate health, erectile dysfunction, cardiac health, and much more. We are dedicated to providing the most appropriate medications options for these and many other health issues. Working with your physician, our pharmacists will tailor your supplement prescription to the exact strength you require, and make it in a dosage form that is easy for you to use.

Pain Management

Pain management is essential because even when the underlying disease process is stable, uncontrolled pain prevents patients from working effectively or enjoying recreation in their family and society. Also the use of pain relievers can lead to unwanted side effects. With the advancements in pharmaceutical compounding, people can now receive medication that is customized for their own unique needs in order to provide pain relief.


Medication to children is always challenging. Children vary in size, weight and other features. Some may have allergies for particular categories of medicine or some may prefer a different flavour of medicine. Compounding can help solve these problems. Using pure ingredients of the highest quality and following strict standards we can compound medications in the exact dose and flavour that will meet the unique needs of your child.


Your feet carry you thousands of miles over your lifetime. Keeping them healthy and strong can help you enjoy an active life. Lots of problems can afflict the feet, dramatically impacting your mobility, and quality of life. With compounding medication we can assure you the best solution for this. We work closely with your Podiatrists who is able to design a treatment that is based on your individual needs. Our pharmacy has formulations providing unique medication for you.

Sports Medicine

People participating in any sport can cause different types of injuries requiring a variety of treatments. Sports medicine drugs not only require exacting specifications for active ingredients and dosing, but also a delivery method that will not keep you from enjoying sports. Our compounding services provide you the opportunity to tailor a medication specifically for each athlete’s unique needs, where commercially available products may fall short.

Women’s Health

Women’s bodies go through mountains and valleys of hormonal changes before and after puberty. We know every woman is unique and will respond to medications in her own way. Close monitoring and adjustments are essential. Our compounding pharmacists work with patients and practitioners to provide customized medications in the most appropriate strength and dosage form to meet each woman's specific needs.

Wound Care

Wounds can be different types and each type requires a careful evaluation for healing and management of pain. Our Compounding Pharmacy works with physicians to create a customized approach to treating and healing wounds. Our pharmacists have the ability to custom compound medications in our compounding laboratory located in New york. We compound medications that improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and save patients time and money.


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